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It’s Officially Cold Season! Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy with AV Solutions!

It’s Officially Cold Season! Keep Your Home Warm & Cozy with AV Solutions!

While wintertime in Georgia can be quite unpredictable, one thing that is sure is that it will be cold!

As you go about your day at work and running errands, ensure your home is warm and cozy for when you get back with home automation heating and cooling wireless technology provided by our experts at AV Solutions.

Enjoy the benefits of Thermostat Control:
Home automation heating and cooling wireless technology allows you to make the same adjustments from anywhere you have access to the Internet, a smartphone or a tablet. This makes your home smarter than others without home automation heating and cooling control.

Pre-set the temperature to your liking by raising or lowering the temperature about a half hour before you come home. Should you end up coming home earlier or later, use your smartphone app to correct the time you want your HVAC to change temperature. 

Automating dampers optimizes airflow through automated HVAC Zone Control. Usually, traditional HVAC air registers make for conditioned air to be unevenly distributed. This causes higher utility bills, increased system run time and inconsistent temperatures within a room and from room to room. Controlling registers through home automation of heating and cooling registers minimizes or eliminates these problems.

Outside of a comfortable and cozy home, you will also save on your utility costs, as programmable thermostats can help save up to 30 percent on your energy bills.

Interested in solving your heating and cooling control needs? Contact us for a free consultation.

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