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The Perfect Outdoor Party Relies on Lighting

outdoor area with under-eave lights, wicker chairs, and greenery along the home in the background

Enhance Curb Appeal & More with AV Solutions

Cooler weather and holiday gatherings are right around the corner in Cummings, GA, but are you prepared for all the outdoor fun? One often overlooked aspect of holiday preparations is the power of curb appeal. With a professionally designed outdoor lighting setup, you can transform your spaces into a festive wonderland that sets the perfect mood as your guests arrive. We’ll highlight the possibilities in the article below, so keep reading!

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Make a Lasting Impression with Lighting

As your friends and family arrive at your holiday parties this fall and winter, they'll first notice the beautifully lit exterior. Wall washes, landscape spotlights, and pathway lights showcase your property’s features and evoke a warm, welcoming feeling. Your guests will have the holiday spirit before they even step inside.

Customized Lighting Solutions

Selecting the perfect outdoor fixtures for the holiday season is a delightful experience. Easy-to-manage fixtures along paths, accents amongst bushes and trees, and spotlights for accentuating architectural features are just a few of the seemingly endless options. Each choice adds a unique touch to your festive decor. 

And while aesthetics are crucial, outdoor lighting also plays a vital role in safety. Well-lit walking paths and driveways ensure guests can navigate your property without any mishaps, plus they serve as a deterrent to criminals looking for an easy, dark opportunity for crime. With outdoor lighting, homeowners can blend beauty and functionality for backyard spaces that look and feel great. And the best part? Adjusting colors, brightness levels, and operation times with the simple tap of a button with lighting control technology!

AV Solutions is Your Outdoor Technology Partner

AV Solutions knows Georgia homeowners take pride in their residences, and outdoor lighting is just one method of accentuating a home's beauty. Beyond illumination, our team can craft a personalized entertainment oasis that includes yard-encompassing sound, outdoor TVs, extended Wi-Fi, and more!


If you’re ready to impress your guests in an exciting new way with enhanced curb appeal and safety not just this winter but all year round, fill out our contact form here to get started.

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